Program B HYVe Review – Is it Effective?

Program B HYVe Review – Is it Effective?

For a number of years, I have had my doubts about Program B-have for treating my dog’s allergies. That’s not entirely strange because it is a new all-in-one dog treatment and the company doesn’t have a history of success to speak of. However, the product did have an allergy relief feature that I thought was quite helpful. Since I live in Georgia, we are not allowed to use the types of chemicals found in most other products, so this was a real bonus.

All dogs have different allergies and their symptoms vary. Most dogs will chew on anything they can get their teeth on, which is fine as long as they do not get any on the floor. Some, however, will have skin allergies, sores, or even stomach upsets. For those, there is no medication that can help them out and in some cases, they will need to be on prescription medication.

One of my dogs is named Oscar. He is a Doberman and a very sweet dog. When we moved into our first home, I took him with me when I moved in with my husband. Before we knew it, Oscar had completely figured out how to escape our home and would sneak out through the back door every night. We tried to crate train him, but he had no problem finding his way back into our home each night.

I decided that we were going to try one of the remedies that are available on the market. My mother-in-law suggested we try Program B-have. I was very skeptical about it since I did not think the product to be very effective. My dog however seemed to think it worked great. After about a week of using the program, I began to notice that Oscar was much less active. He just needed to take a little bit more time on a walk, but overall he was feeling much better.

As with most home remedies, it is best to start out with a small dosage. We started with two pills daily. After a few days, we stopped. My dog has taken a break from the pill and we have not seen any negative side effects. The vet recommended we continue with the program, but we did.

As with any dog remedy, we were cautious about putting this into our dog’s hands. There were a few questions about whether or not it was safe for our dog. After checking with the manufacturer we were assured it was safe. One of the concerns was the preservatives. Since our dog is a vegetarian we were concerned about any preservatives.

Another concern was about the amount of time it takes to give our dog the treat. Since we do not cook it, we are not sure if the product is broken down over time. However, we have been reading about the amount of time it takes to digest it. The amount suggested in the website is three hours so I thought we might want to take that into account.

The biggest thing we have found is the fact that it is just as easy to use as the other programs we tried. The owner’s manual is easy to read and understand. It does not contain information that our veterinarian would need to give us. It does contain a list of ingredients and directions for use. If you follow the directions you will see that there are no harmful side effects for our dog.

The chew toys are nice and chew while on the counter and when we used the water is very easy to drink out of the bottle. We have tried some of the other B-hyve products in the past and they caused our dog to become ill and had some side effects such as diarrhea. The chew toys eliminate this problem completely.

Our dog prefers B-hyve to all other brands on the market. We have taken her several times to an obedience school and she has done very well. It is just as easy to use for our puppy as it is for our adult dog. One of the dogs we took home did have some behavior problems but after using the B-hyve method we did not get any more behavior problems. She is now one happy girl!

The one complaint we have is that the dog may put the bowl down on the floor a lot. Since our dogs are on a constant leash most of the time they may not put the bowl down. If they do it is usually with the bowl attached to their collar. If you cannot find the bowl in the house we will try to slip it under furniture or lay it in the grass.

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