Mobile Key Technology Meets Current Hospitality Needs

Mobile Key Technology Meets Current Hospitality Needs

Mobile key systems offer a quick solution to a mobile front office management systems issue that can cause customer inconvenience and lost time on check-ins. With the Mobile Key Solution, every mobile, key transaction is processed in real-time. Using state-of-the-art technology, traditional room key applications are made easy and convenient. When wireless or hard-wired key tags are used, Mobile Key Solutions eliminates check-in issues that often occur with the traditional room-key applications.

The Mobile Key Solution automates all the tasks that traditionally separated the front office staff and their guest services. No more keys are left sitting on a desk while guests try to figure out their access codes or become frustrated because they are turned down for a room key. With the Mobile Key Service, the mobile keys are always ready and waiting on the readers. Mobile devices have the latest technology to offer, such as touch-screen functionality, access codes that are automatically scanned by the readers, and multi-room transactions. Using Bluetooth or NFC (Near Field Communication) technology, mobile key services operate at peak efficiency when integrated with your property management platform (PMS).

Convenience is one of the top reasons that clients use mobile key technology to manage their hotels and motels. Whether you are on vacation or traveling for business, you can easily and quickly go right back to the front desk, receive a room key, and check in to your room. Most importantly, you are not standing around waiting for a friend or family member to arrive, and you do not have to worry about remembering a key code. This makes staying in touch with family and business travelers easy and convenient.

The Mobile Key Solution streamlines the check-in process to make it quick and easy. It is an “app” that connects you with your mobile, key technology-enabled devices. Once you download and install the “mobile check-in” service, you can go directly to the front desk or gate with your key and no need for an extra personnel member to assist you. In addition, guests can quickly enter the front door and leave after the stay is over.

Another benefit of mobile key technology is the convenience of bringing your keys with you. Rather than carrying a set of keys with you, or providing identification for hotel guests that may be using borrowed or stolen mobile phones, you can simply give out any of your branded Mobile Key Servers. Your Mobile Key Service provider has a multitude of different styles and designs to suit your preferences. Your Mobile Key Service provider will design and create a unique code to match your particular style. These personalized codes can be used by hotel guests, or for access control purposes, making it safe and secure. These keys and Mobile Key Servers can be given out internally, or at special events, seminars and conferences.

Most importantly, mobile keys and keycards can keep you safe from lost or stolen property, giving you peace of mind along with a great deal of convenience. Your mobile keys and keycards are the first line of defense in securing your business and personal belongings. With the use of a Mobile Key Service provider, you can rest assured that your home, office, RV, and other property are protected. In addition, having a professional Mobile Key Service provider on call to respond to any emergency situations also assures you that you are always one step ahead of the game. With modern security measures such as security card readers, radiofrequency identification (RFID), proximity cards, swipe cards, and more, you can protect your business, personal belongings, and property with the secure presence of your trusted Mobile Key Service provider.

The security benefits of mobile key technology are clear when you consider that it eliminates the possibility of unauthorized access. Once the system has the unique code entered, all of the information is encrypted, stored, and sent to a central control station. Any authorized user can simply program their access card or Smart Card device through the terminal and gain instant access to any area or interior of the facility they are allowed to without being checked in. You can further enhance your guest experience by offering them a quick and easy check-in process with only a swipe of their card. Once checked in, your guests are automatically given an access number, which can be stored in a secure database and used to access various areas of your facility, as they see their ID badge.

With the introduction of new technology like this, your guests no longer have to fidget with confusing, outdated keys and card readers to gain access to areas of your facility that they should already be familiar with. The new technology simplifies the entire check-in and check-out process. The process eliminates any guesswork and eliminates any confusion, allowing your guests to simply swipe their card or smart card to gain instant access and permission to enter any area of your facility. This process takes just seconds, making it a surefire way to increase guest satisfaction and customer retention. As technology improves, you can expect to see great changes in how your guests experience your business. With a mobile access system, you will be able to provide them with a more comprehensive view of your operation, increasing your level of service and improving the level of service that your guests receive from you.

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