Clash of Clans Game Review – Is This Strategy Game Right For You?

Clash of Clans Game Review – Is This Strategy Game Right For You?
Clash of Clans Game Review is designed to give you the low-down on this online multiplayer game from Supercell. This game is similar to the popular Facebook game FarmVille but instead of farming virtual crops and animals, you are instead farming virtual land. You have to farm enough land to build an adequate town and then defend it against waves of enemy players who enter your realm using towers and traps.

Clash of Clans does have its own unique features that set it apart from other similar games. For example, you can construct a castle in which you can keep your children as soldiers, and they can also be trained to fight off enemy forces. The castles are available in two styles: the medium and large sized. If you like to play with larger scale battles, then this would be a good choice.

The graphics in the game are surprisingly well done. It looks like the game was actually designed by a big game designer sitting on his office desk. There are many effects such as rain, fog and even lightning which can really add to the realism of the battlefield. The realistic sounds that accompany each attack also add to the overall experience. You get the booming of battle drums, the creaking of drawbridges and the screams of soldiers.

The game itself can be very challenging and addicting. It’s easy to become hooked and it’s easy to see yourself becoming deeply addicted to playing this game. If you like strategy games with a bit of simulation, then you will probably love this game. However, if you don’t like strategy games, you will probably find it a disappointment. You really have to use all your skills to win in this one.

Another thing that sets Clash of Clans apart from other similar games is its multiplayer mode. You can either play against the computer or against another player. I’m not sure if it’s quite as exciting as the single player game, but it does have its fans. In fact, most people playing it at the moment are using the multiplayer mode because the single player game lacks an interesting component.

The storyline in Clash of Clans isn’t especially exciting, but it is entertaining nevertheless. In the game you have to keep an eye on your father who leads a small tribe of warriors. He’s always on the run and you have to assist him with keeping his tribe safe. Once you help him, he will then offer you some lands to settle your ancestral land and train his warriors. Once you’ve done this you can then join his tribe.

Your main objective is to protect your land and make your tribe strong enough so they can take on other tribes who want to take over the lands. Playing this game is quite similar to playing war games, but when you think about it, you don’t actually shoot at your enemies. Instead, you have to build up your tribe and make them strong enough to fight off their enemies. The whole aim of the game is to keep your father safe and guard his land. In fact, you gain points whenever you level up your warriors and also accumulate gold once you have enough of them.

When it comes to playing this strategy game, it does require some time before you start to see the results. However, players who spend some time leveling up their warriors will definitely start seeing good results very soon. The best part about this strategy game is that the players can get access to a vast number of weapons and armor in the game. They can also get access to mounts which makes the whole game even more exciting. A Clash of the game review can easily help you determine whether or not this game is right for you.

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