Benefits of Mobile Key Technology

Benefits of Mobile Key Technology

Mobile key technology makes your motel rooms safer and even more convenient for your traveling guests. Instead of carrying your keys in your hand each time you exit a hotel room, you can easily unlock any room without having to raise your mobile device from your pocket. If you have a newer hotel chain, chances are they are using mobile key technology on all their rooms.

If you have not used mobile key technology, you might be wondering what this new type of technology does that makes it so convenient for travelers like yourself. Basically, the app for this new type of security device is designed to allow hotel guests to simply “activate” the system, without ever taking their keys out of their pockets or touching the doorknob. The only thing a traveler needs to do is to insert their card into the keypad, and then use the app to automatically lock their room when they leave.

The most important part about this new technology is that it is wireless. Traditional locks and traditional key systems are both limited by the fact that they have to be plugged into an electrical outlet. This means that if a guest decides to stay another night, they still need to worry about plugging the system back in, and possibly pasting their security code onto the door. With a mobile key system, there is no need for any additional equipment.

Another benefit of this new technology is that it is the industry standard for universal mobile key technology. This means that if your hotel has more than one floor, or if you plan on visiting different states or countries, you can set your code so that every guest that comes through the door will have the same access. It’s an easy way to ensure that all of your guests have the same access, and that your property isn’t compromised.

There is yet another benefit to implementing this type of technology into your hotel and your guest rooms. Self-check-in is the single most important aspect of hotel operations and a major issue for those who take advantage of guest discounts. Many people don’t like using self-check-in, because they are forced to stand in line at the cashier’s machine, wait until it’s their turn to pay for their items, and then write down their information. Another negative aspect is that a potential robber could use a hidden camera to take a look at the ID badges of hotel guests, which is a problem since the hotel staff should be the first to know who’s at the front desk. Mobile keycards solve both of these problems, allowing guests to avoid standing in line and writing their information, and also allowing the hotel staff to quickly identify customers after they’ve checked in.

With mobile key technology installed, the front desk staff can identify and count the number of guests who arrive at their hotel each day. The system will also send a text message to the hotel management team at any time, alerting them that a new customer has come in. This allows the front desk staff to keep track of the flow of traffic so that they don’t run out of shirts or pants before the customers have a chance to check-in.

Another way that mobile key technology benefits the hospitality industry is in the area of fraud detection. Thanks to the fact that most cards have a magnetic strip on them, it is nearly impossible for a thief to use one of them to make a transaction. However, if a thief does use one of these cards to make a purchase, the system will record the purchase and alert the front desk staff, who can then track the card. If the card comes back as stolen, the front desk staff will make an inquiry, and when it’s verified the guest is not the culprit, the item will be returned immediately.

A final benefit of using mobile key technology is that it streamlines the check-in process. Traditional systems, such as those found in airports and other types of hotels, tend to be extremely tedious, confusing, and slow. By using a mobile device, the guests can simply hand their device over at the entrance and it can do the work of the scanner. After all, most people don’t want to have to stand still while someone is reading their identification or trying to figure out a complicated lock. Not only does this save time for the guests but also helps to simplify the check-in process for the front desk staff and security personnel, which are always a big plus.

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